About Us

We need System Change Not Climate Change to save our planet from capitalism.

System Change Aotearoa is an ecosocialist campaign group. We believe that capitalism is the root cause of the climate crisis; that extreme inequality is inextricably linked to environmental breakdown; and that a just transition to a fair and sustainable society is only possible if the capitalist system is abolished. We believe that the workers and trade unions must be at the heart of fighting the system, and that through strike action, it is possible for the working class to resist and ultimately overthrow the major corporations who are destroying our planet for the sake of their vast profits.

We seek to build a coalition of trade unionists, tangata whenua, environmentalists and anti-capitalists, committed to fighting for System Change Not Climate Change.

We may live under a dictatorship of profit. But dictatorships can fall. There is another power in society other than the giant corporations — the power that ordinary working people have when we stand together and fight back against the system.

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